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Food Security and Aglicature in the Middle East

Despite the fact that the Middle East is blessed with a geological heritage rich in hydrocarbons and mineral resources, it is a water-scarce and arid region that has demographic and socio-economic problems. It is difficult to grow food crops in the Middle East due to scarcity of water supply and limited availability of arable land. […]

Nuclear Engineering Supports Middle Eastern Crop Production

Salinization increases the amount of salt in the soil contributing to land degradation, desertification and subsequent food insecurity. In the Middle East, the main obstacle to agricultural development slot365 deposit gopay in arid and semi-arid lands is the limited availability of water, making agricultural production difficult. To address the dual challenges of soil salinity and […]

The Middle East’s Increasing Role in Global Food Security

The global food system faces a number of stresses and shocks due to the complex interaction of social, economic, political and environmental factors. With the world population forecast to increase to 10 billion by 2050, policymakers are faced with the problem of securing affordable, nutritious and environmentally friendly food for all. In addition, the emergence […]

Agriculture Sector In United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates has rapidly developed into a strong and rapidly growing economy. While much of its success has been attributed to oil exports, the country’s other industries, such as agriculture in the UAE, have also grown side by side. It is important to note that the UAE slot365 deposit gopay has an arid […]